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Alert 250 R Remote Starter System Alert 450R Deluxe Remote Starter with Keyless Entry JBS Technologies Remote Starter
Alert 250 R Remote Starter SystemAlert 450R Deluxe Remote Starter with Keyless EntryJBS Technologies Remote Starter

One Two-Button Remote Transmitter and Window mount receiver. 500 feet Range with timer control automatic Start.

Two Four-Button Remote Transmitters and super Heterodyne Receiver. 1000 Feet Range and Auto/Manual Transmission Capable.

Add-on to Factory Keyless and run timer 5/10/20/30. Diesel Engine Capable and on board relays for remote start.




Shelby CS-650R Remote Start System Shelby CS-750 Remote Start System
Shelby CS-650R Remote Start SystemShelby CS-750 Remote Start System

Two Signature 5-Button Remote Transmitter with Multi-vehicle Capability.

One Signature 2-way, LCD Remote Transmitter and one signature 5 Button Companion remote transmitter. Multi-vehicle capability and main control Module.